PPIPK-1 wires

Rectangular winding heat resistant wires of PPIK-1 mark are intended for producing and repair of  railway motors, motors for municipal transport (metro trains, trams, trolleybuses) and specialized electrical machines.

Rectangular winding heat resistant copper core wire with polyimide  fluoroplastic insulation made of the  films supplied  by leading world producers.

  1. The wire complies with the requirements of TU 16.К71-202-93, “Wires winding, rectangular heat resistant”;
  2. Insulation made of AF Polyimide Film is an FEP with the nominal doubled thickness of isolation of 0.23 mm;
  3. Wire’s integral procedural decomposition temperature 200˚С;
  4. Temperature of the environment, minimal, for the wires operation -60˚С;
  5. Use of the combined method of curing induction heating insulation allows for a higher degree of adhesion of the film with the current conducting copper core, which significantly improves the technical characteristics of the wires we produce.
  6. Breaking capacity of insulation in metal beads:
■  Minimal 2,000 V
■  Average 4,000 V
  1. The wire’s insulation is distinguished for its elastic properties and higher breaking capacity.
  2. The wires satisfy the enhances requirements of their safety and security.

Where the customer requires the customized wires with the enhanced technical characteristics may be produced.