About the Company

OOO “Dedal-provod” was founded in the February of 1996. The Company is an established producer of round winding wire in polyimide ptfe insulation and ptfe tubes, used for making and repairing submersible electric motors for ESP (Electric Submersible Pump), as well as rectangular winding wires for railway tractive motors , urban electric transport and special electric machines.

Round winding wires are produced using the combined insulation curing method that considerably enhances  technical characteristics of the finished commodity.

To produce electric submersible motors with the closed-type slot stator thin-walled polyimide ptfe insolation tubes of PI normal and TPI enhanced heat resistance marks are used to ensure proper insulation.

The products of OOO “Dedal-provod” are used by all largest companies which produce and repair electric motors. The Company uses only imported insulation materials of high-quality and copper wires of the best Russian producers. The Company has up-to-date computerized equipment.

More than half of the production workers have diplomas of higher and vocational high education.

The Company’s main goal is to produce exceptional quality products, that surpass the technical conditions requirements and to meet the expectations of our devoted customers.

Latest News

Polymer tube to connect the various pneumatic elements. Pneumatic, due to its high flexibility can take virtually any configuration for the free placement in the designated space. Among the main properties of the product there are also resistance to sunlight, abrasives, oils and fats, to bending and other external factors that enhance performance properties of the tube.


Our certificates


The company OOO “Dedal-provod” completed  the work on the development of the release wire for leading-out wire of the SEM.


In 2014 the Company started serial production of leading-out wire for SES marks VGT and VGTl.


In 2014 the Company completed the development of engineering specifications for leading-out wire and since 01.07.2014, the company directive has enacted ES 3554-003-49316720-2013 “flexible wire pin with high heat resistance VGT VGTl”.