Rectangular wire with polyimide and fluoroplastic insulation

Heat-resistant winding wire of rectangular cross section of PPIPK‑T, PPIPK‑1 and PPIPK‑2

The rectangular heat-resistant winding wire of PPIPK‑T, PPIPK‑1 and PPIPK‑2 makes are produced by means of rectangular wires winding with polyimide and fluoroplastic film followed by combined heat treatment for insulation including inductive warming of electric core and the wire external heat. Above procedure ensures a high degree of insulation adhesion to the electric copper core and so improves specification data greatly. The wires insulation is made of polyimide and fluoroplastic films from leading global producers. It differs by elasticity and mechanical stability. The wires meet the strict requirements for safety and reliability.

The wires are designed to produce winding for railway motors, for municipal transport (metro trains, trams, trolleybuses) and electrical machines special types.

The wires comply with the TU 16.К71-202-93 « Provoda obmotochnyye pryamougolnyye nagrevostoykiye» requirements. At the request of the consumer can be made of wires with higher technical characteristics.

Main technical characteristics