PPI-U wires

PPI-U wires are intended for producing and repair of the stators, for the submersible electrical motors for ESP rotary pumps used in oil production.

Winding heat resistant copper core wire with polyimide  fluoroplastic insulation made of the  films supplied  by leading world producers.

  1. Temperature of operation ranges from -60˚С to +200˚С;
  2. Insulation breaking capacity ranges from 18 kV to 22 kV (requirements of TU 16-705.159-80 establish the critical level of 12 kV, at least);
  3. Electrical insulation resistance as scaled against 1 km of the wire, 850 megohm, at least (TU 16-705.159-80, 200 megohm, at least).
  4. Wires’ insulation is flexible and remains mechanically stable;
  5. Insulation made of polyimide  fluoroplastic with the nominal doubled thickness of 0.46 mm;
  6. The wire complies with the requirements of TU 16-705.159-80, “Wires winding, heat resistant with the enameled-film and film polyimide  fluoroplastic insulation”;
  7. Insulation made of AF Polyimide Film is an FEP supplied  by leading world producers.

The Company has tested new types of the films to be used in production of the winding wires intended for operation under the temperatures of up to  250°С.