Round wire with high heat resistance

Winding wire with high heat resistance circular cross-section of PPIUT‑250 and PPIUT‑VT

The round winding wire with high heat resistance of PPIUT‑250 and PPIUT‑VT makes are produced by means of round wires winding with polyimide film with thermally weldable coat followed by combined heat treatment for insulation including inductive warming of electric core and the wire external heat. Above procedure ensures a high degree of insulation adhesion to the electric copper core and so improves specification data greatly. The wires insulation is differs by elasticity and mechanical stability. The wires meet the strict requirements for safety and reliability.

The wires are designed for the manufacture of windings for oil-filled submersible motor stators of centrifugal pumps for oil extraction as well as industrial purpose motors, railway motors and specialized electrical machines.

The wire of PPIUT‑250 comply with the TU 3592‑002‑49316720‑2013 « Provoda obmotochnyye s povyshennoy teplostoykostyu v plenochnoy poliimidno-ftoroplastovoy i poliimidnoy izolyatsii» requirements, the wire of PPIUT‑VT comply with the TU 27.32.11‑004‑49316720‑2017 « Provod obmotochnyy vysokotemperaturniy» requirements.

Main technical characteristics